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Please think of our community as you make your holiday purchases and Give as you Get. Together we’ve given almost $12,000 back to our community. Give as you Get makes you feel good about buying things online. An average 3.5% of your purchase price will go back to the organization you choose at no added […]

Opportunity is everywhere

Everywhere we look there’s opportunity. Whether it’s the opportunity to see something, hear something, learn something, or experience something, it’s out there for the taking. Sometimes opportunity is really obvious, like a TV ad. You don’t have a choice but to pay attention (I didn’t say opportunity was always positive). Other times opportunity may not […]

Philanthropy IS Good for Business

Companies are always on the lookout for ideas that make for good business. This is the reason why leading companies invest millions of dollars in marketing, product innovations, and technology advancements.  It’s clear to management how these investments can help improve profitability, grow a larger customer base, and fulfill other core business needs. What isn’t […]